Shalini Bisht | Illustrator | Artist | Art Educator

My name is Shalini Bisht, Founder of Creative Kalakari, A certified therapeutical Art Life Coach based out of Gurugram, India.

My vision is to help people live creatively with mindfulness and bring joy into their lives through my products, illustrations, and painting with vibrant colours.

After serving as a Social Media Marketer for more than a decade. I realized my passion and love for art. That made me become an artist, illustrator, and online educator.

I create Illustrations on art prints, home décor items, apparel with my heart and soul in them. Inspired by Nature and reflects bright pop of colours and eye-pleasing modern touch.

Hand-drawn artwork and digital artwork with a variety of mediums like watercolours acrylics will be created by me.

My Childhood habit of painting and drawing made me develop a love towards art and motivated me to share my knowledge around the globe through Skillshare.

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